The upcoming school year can give you the opportunity for sales and the most necessary profitability ever.

In the current situation, our work is becoming more and more difficult. The uncertainty of the proper functioning of school organizations due to the pandemic and the unprecedented conditions of the operation of businesses and shops, inherit difficult situations at all levels of trade.

In addition, the continuous increases in raw materials and the tenfold increase in transport costs worldwide, has had a drastic effect on costs, creating the trend of continuous price increases.

We believe, however, that in the face of adverse circumstances we owe more than ever, to give our best and to exceed our strengths for the best possible result. Now that the expectation of being released from the vortex of the coronavirus is just around the corner, what will we do about our reactivation?

At the starting line for our new marathon, we decided to go against all logic and keep our prices at the same level, absorbing all the inconspicuous increases that have already taken place.

We continue the continuous quality improvement of our products, the renewal of designs and packaging.

We decided to give you weapons for your own battle.

We hope to be able to keep it for as long as possible.